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Ever missed a post on the forums?

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Long-time members tsn know the feeling. The need to continually check the site for new posts since their last visit, wondering if anyone has replied to their latest remarks or pearls of wisdom.

Sure it was made easier with the My Spot page, showing everything new since your last visit. If you had read everything, there was nothing left to see. If the person dropped a one-liner, you made the trip for nothing.

And then, occasionally, someone would start a thread and it would go completely unnoticed for years. Not anymore!

The Latest Integration from [[Oracle]]

Starting today, all members of the forums will have access to some special Discord Channels where [[Oracle]] will cross-post short excerpt of the topic, and/or start a thread in the Discord channel with replies to the topic.

Depending on the roles you have on the forums, you’ll gain access to corresponding channels for specific forum categories, or special forums. For more information about the user groups, checkout the tsn8: Come with Me through the Looking Glass topic on the subject. (Note: some things may have changed since then, so check the 2022 Update).

The Generally Speaking Channel

For “tsnMembers” Roles

This is a role given to anyone who has signed up for the forums and joined Discord.

For “Looking Glass” Roles

Everyone in this group has access to pass “through the looking-glass.”
Citizenship cannot be granted, only revoked – at the discretion of the user or administrators. It grants access to all the discussions from the first decade of the forums.

  • #looking-glass – receives new replies from any forum labeled as “Looking Glass” scattered throughout the categories

For “Lore Walker” Roles

This is a role given to members who have ascended beyond the “Newly Registered Member” ranks in the forums, to pickup access to the modern journal entries.

  • #lore-walkers – receives new topics & replies from modern Journals.

For “Lore Master” Roles

Members of this group have access to the Ancient Manuscripts from generations ago – the original Journals. They walk amongst the lore of ancient people tapping into the foolishness and insignificance of the lives lead by our younger selves.

  • #lore-masters – receives new replies to existing topics from the original Journals

Wait! There is a Discord Server?

Yeah, it’s been around for a while. You should click the image below and stop on by. We’re there every night! Come hang out with us and chat, or join us to play games. We’re usually around from 8pm Central until we get tired. We hope to see you there!

Discord Invite URL
Or use the link https://discord.the-spot.net

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