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Hey guys, the journal has been updated. It has some "important" information in it at the bottom of the entry, to inform everyone of what will be going on. I have also written a post about everything in the TSN Special Report forum.

Why "The Spot"?

When I moved to the small country town of Hubbard, I asked some of the other teenagers what there was to do for fun around town. One girl replied, "Well, we do the drag, and hang out at 'the spot'" 

The Spot later was explained to be an area near one of the parks at which all the students gathered to hang out, rough-house, and perform their shenanigans.

I have never been to The Spot that I know of, and am not exactly sure where it really is. I do know that this website will serve the same purpose as The Spot in my old town of Hubbard, but more.

So, welcome to The-Spot.net...we've got what you need...to know, that is.

- Neo

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