Life on Mars - What do we do?
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What do we do?

Leave it alone, and pure
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Ignore it as part of the environmental collateral
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Cultivate, and encourage its development
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Life on Mars - What do we do?

by Neo » 17 Jan 2019, 20:54

Pretend it's 2050.
Humankind have already executed on their plan to send humans to Mars during the 2030s.

Lo and behold! Microscopic life forms are discovered in a cave, underground, near the poles where the last vestiges of solid ice-water remain, with enough nutrients from that water which has evaporated to sustain these microbes...

But the resources are running out. We just happened to stumble upon them with only a few decades of resources remaining.

What do we do?
  1. Leave it as it is, cordon off the area making it a natural park for the remainder of its natural life (the Prime Directive)?
  2. Proceed without regard to the lifeforms, and continue our development as an interplanetary species?
  3. Cultivate it and use our technology to help the microbes develop, or at least survive, to fully realize their evolutionary destiny?
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