tsnGuild - moving to Dalaran
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tsnGuild - moving to Dalaran

by Neo » 22 Aug 2015, 19:42


I decided to take my guild, named The Spot, and move it to US-Dalaran-PVE.

I wrote a blog post about it over on the tsnGuild website: http://guild.the-spot.net/

I did a lot of looking around, and checking with former/current tsn members and wow players, and decided that none of the servers everyone was on, or had recently moved to, would be a good fit for all 9 of my characters (with a spot to level 2 more I am leaving behind). I had certain criteria, and Dalaran knocked one of them out of the park:
  • active trade chat during a most mundane time of day.
  • a plentiful auction house indicating a good market
  • a medium-high population server, but not Full or High on the Connect To Server screen to help ease login queues during new expansion releases
I'm in the process of moving the GM toon (neotsn) over, and will follow it up with a couple of my alts that I'm leveling.

As for servers like Ravencrest, I figured it would be best to leave all Character Slots open on that server so I could level characters as Alliance, since Vanyl is alliance main over there.
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