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Postby Neo » 25 May 2007, 13:07

So, how about a little update to let everyone know what's going on behind the scenes?

From the outside, do things look like they've stayed pretty normal?

Well, on the development side, I've mirrored tsn on my home computer. There is another copy of this website that I'm running from it to do my testing. Testing for things like these:

- The Splatter :: I've been working on a new RSS Script that will grab parts of your posts and send them to the server to store. I'm writing the code to then grab that storage and parse it into an RSS Feed - so you can hit tsn from your mobile phone, or add it to your Facebook, Google Reader, or other RSS/Feed programs/sites. (until I came up with that name, I never realized how close the name "" is to "" :roll: )

- Theme Updates :: I'm also looking at new CSS code to improve some of the design of the tsn layout and images. I've come across some neat things that would help with page loads, images, and the way certain things look. But I haven't put them into action yet.

- :: In conjunction with the RSS Feed and the Theme Updates, I will start working on a new site (that I've been planning for at least 2 years now) called I finally have the idea for how it'll work, and the confidence in making PHP code talk to the SQL database on my own, that I can now start being unstoppable with the ideas. (thanks for the confidence boost in the "what do you like (about someone else)" thread.

That's all I've got to say for now. I don't know what all this RSS code is going to affect, but I know that it's going to become the backbone and framework for a lot of things.
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