Old Photobook 2003

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Old Photobook 2003

Postby Neo » 07 Apr 2007, 18:23

I have been uploading all the pictures that I have on my computer in an effort to back them up (see: http://thepizzy.net/blog/?p=77 ) to Picasa Web Albums. This is hosted by Google, and linked to my Google Account.

There are some albums named for individuals on tsn (that I have uploaded so far). Here's the thing...

Eventually your album will be uploaded, and you can download it at your leisure from there. You can check on this two ways:
[tab]1. Go to [ my Picasa Web Albums page ] and find your album.
[tab]2. Use RSS feeds to find out when your album is uploaded. Add [ this link ] to your Live Bookmarks in FF, or RSS Feeds in IE7.

I am also uploading all the pictures that aren't part of the old photobook, but from lan parties, and stuff. (No, I'm not going to delete any pictures that you don't like...I didn't delete the pictures of me I didn't like, so don't bother asking. I'm only publicizing this to y'all. It is open to the public, but I'm not linking this particular album to anything...it's a backup. Flickr is my public photo site.)

I'm sure you're going to find pictures you never knew I took, or had...I found pictures I never knew I took or had too...so don't be surprised :)
"Because I choose to."

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