tsnlocal.net released

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tsnlocal.net released

Postby Neo » 13 Jun 2006, 04:03

Well, back before the site went down, we started to release tsnlocal.net. Since then I have had to format my computer, and lost control of the hamachi network. I have yet to hear back from the hamachi people on how to regain control of the network.

We are looking in to other ways to run the same kind of network for people to start sharing files. However, we don't have anyone that's on the network. Either people have stopped using it, or don't remember that it's on their computer, or never got signed up for it.

I blame the lack of a site for this, because there was no publicity that was really needed to launch it.

Right now, I am having some financial issues, since I am out of a job, and am not running the server to keep indexing the files. Mainly because there are no more files to index. KD and I have already got everything shared out. But also because I can't afford the electricity.

Once things get going again with the job situation, then I will be firing up the tsnlocal server, and moving forward with the project.

For those that don't know what tsnlocal is, go to http://www.tsnlocal.net .
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