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Postby Neo » 21 Feb 2006, 08:16

I just realized that I should be posting these planned feature updates in this development blog instead of in the Special Report section, until they are done.

Anyway, with my AJAX skizzillz that I'm working on, I'll be starting to create our OWN verion of the QuickChat in Ajax that won't be as ghey and load-heavy as the flooble one. It'll update while you're on the page, and you can see when other people have posted, without having to refresh. I'll even try to work in a link where you can pop it over to the sidebar of your browser.that might come in a later version though. But I just wanted folks to know that it's still around - right now it's on http://www.thepizzy.net chillin' with the PizzyKitty....and since I have a basic idea of how it works, with a general idea of how the code needs to be written, I'll start working on that when I learn how to accept inputs a little more.
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