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tsnV :: Development Update

Postby Neo » 17 Jan 2006, 08:56

There are a couple things I've started working on for the site, and one of them is preparing it for the move again to the new server. This time, I'm not going to upgrade the code, I'm going to do a clean move like I did last time, before the webhost shut it down. In the meantime, I'll be re-moding the site, and possibly coming out with a new version in the process. It's not something that I had anticipated doing since there are still other sites to be built for the tsnV version, so I probably won't go to tsnVI just yet....just upgrade the tsnV look/code. Hopefully that will be seemlessly done by the end of the month, because the server we're on now will be cancled by the end of the month.

But this time, I'll be moving the store to a new server so that it can host its own traffic. And I'll be experimenting with multi-database connections to get information from different places into one spot. This will give rise to the tsnXport service, where you'll only need one login to access all the tsn sites and features. That's still a ways away in the making, but it's a start...it'll be the second significant coding feature that I've personally done for the-spot, aside from the MySpot page and its scripts.

Second, I've also made some mention of a new site: the-blot.net / the-blot.com and how it relates to the tsn Journals, as well as your other journals. This site in itself will be a major coding feat, to combine all the sites people visit into one place for their friends to visit. Plans are still be developed for this site, and I'm trying to figure out just how I want everything to relate. But there will be more opportunity for people to share what they think should go in it.

Third, there is the website codenamed WZUP...but now named "the-bandwagon.com" that I'm also going to be working on and interfacing with the freeformfrog.com, so that will probably go on the same server or something different....not sure yet. But both of them are going to suck a lot of bandwidth, and I want them to have their own sites (not like fff is using store.the-spot.net).

So, for the record, I'm going to be copying the database over to the new server this weekend, and HOPEFULLY, now that I've learned my lesson about just how long that takes, the site won't be down for a week, it'll be back up by the end of the weekend. It's been kinda slow anyway recently.
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