WZUP :: State of the site 10/30/05

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WZUP :: State of the site 10/30/05

Postby Neo » 30 Oct 2005, 22:50

Good news...for some.

The Entrepreneurship class that I am taking has put it upon me to create a "fake" company (as opposed to a "real" company due in November) as a class project. The company I chose to "create" was the WZUP Radio - as some of you know.

While writing the pitch for this company, I determined that there is no feasible way to generate any kind of profit doing a company like the planned streaming radio station of WZUP. However, I did come up with a better idea - one that can actually help to support the freeformfrog, as well as the people that use it.

WZUP Radio is now going to be a stepping stone for local bands to get a global start and create awareness for themselves. MP3.com already does this, and has a larger base...but I don't think it allows the groups to put together a CD to sell. That's where WZUP and the FreeformFrog.com come together as a venue for sales, and a memeberbase on the-spot.net - as well as friends of tsn.

Podcasts of The Night Show will also be distributed through WZUP Radio's website, and possibly streamed live on the actual WZUP Radio, as well as put up for download as podcasts.

***There will be no streaming radio on October 31 as previously advertised. My internet connection is too crapy to provide a quality stream of audio even back to my own computer.
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