Beta :: State of the Site - 10/24/05

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Beta :: State of the Site - 10/24/05

Postby Neo » 24 Oct 2005, 17:29

Right now, the Beta.tsnV site is focusing on the development of IRC and some physcial computers to handle the new features that are going to be released over the next couple months.

Primary focus right now is on the bots for the IRC Channel, and the WZUP Computer.

Some attention is also being paid to available technology used in streaming audio and video, as well as podcast creation and network security.

Two new site features have been added to the list for certain development, as well as an additional site that is in the concept stage, pending success of the site. The new sites are called: eGami (graphics creation company) and (blog aggregator)

More information to come on these sites as they are developed. The eGami site is not scheduled for development until Summer 2006...and the-blot is scheduled for development in place of the GRiP Site, which starts (I believe) around March 1 2006.
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