tsnV :: Site Updates - 10/24/05

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tsnV :: Site Updates - 10/24/05

Postby Neo » 24 Oct 2005, 11:11

I got internet at my apartment this weekend, and made a couple changes to the site while I was on it - to help me get back into the groove of using it at home.

I modified the start page to remove the "under construction" message. While the site is perpetually under construction, it's not necessary for everyone that visits it to believe that it's not finished, or not in working order. Everything that's on the site works as is...but as with any good site there will be some modifications made over time to keep things new and fresh.

The plans for the XP-like login page on the start page are still around, it's finding the time to tinker with the code to come up with something that's secure and works.

There will also be some modifications to the My Spot page soon, when we start adding some of the planned features to the site. Stay tuned to this forum for details.
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