will be down on Sunday 6-20-04

This just in! Special news and announcements from the administrators will be posted here.
I received this email from the people the run the servers.


This announcement is for Solaris web server clients only. We will need to change
the case of this server due to the lack of proper airflow. This heats up the
equipment inside which is not only harmful for the hardware but can also cause
frequent service interruptions in the form of server crashes.

We have decided to swap the hardware into another case. This will be done this
Sunday night at 0400 UTC/GMT. Downtime should be 30 minutes approx or may be
slightly more if the web server needs a FSCK ( File System Check) upon reboot.

Thanks and expecting your kind cooperation in this regards.

That is about 2300 (or 11 p.m.) Saturday night for us, I believe. So around 11-12 depending on the time zone, the site will be down for a period of 30 minutes.
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