Spring Forward, 2011

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Spring Forward, 2011

Postby Neo » 12 Mar 2011, 18:36

As if enough people will see this to care: tonight when you go to bed (or at 2:00am), set your clocks forward 1 hour (or 5 if you want to make it interesting), so you can do whatever it is you do tomorrow morning on time.

This means you're going to lose an hour of sleep for the rest of the summer...compliments of the government.
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Re: Spring Forward, 2011

Postby Bcjammer » 23 Apr 2011, 22:01

my stupid laptop keeps putting it's time an hour back...I reset it twice.

Was watching a movie on the laptop...
"All RIGHT...ONE MORE hour before I have to get ready for work...wait a ...SON OF A!!!"
SOW what?
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