Grand Opening!

This just in! Special news and announcements from the administrators will be posted here. Grand Opening!

Postby Neo » 01 Mar 2009, 01:49

It’s true, it is finally here - the long-awaited opening of the online clothing store!

It has been one month since it was announced, and there have been long, late nights spent getting things ready. So here’s the skinny…

* We’re starting off with 11 designs: 9 for male & female, and 1 gender-specific for each.
* There will be at least one new design released each week.
* There will be new products released every day, with their product release announcements being made here.
* Every month, a new type of product will be released as well.
* As time goes on, more designers will be added to the graphics team to create new design series

However, for the initial release, and since the site is still new and in the beta stage (since obviously not everything could be tested 100%) we figured an 11-design, 40-product release would work for the first week.

If you encounter any troubles, feel free to leave comments here and we’ll get on them.

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