- coming March 1, 2009

This just in! Special news and announcements from the administrators will be posted here.
It's true...for real this time - the Freeform Frog online store is coming back in March.

After 5 years in the "development" phase, and spending the last 9 months of my working life at an online retailer, the Freeform Frog is pulling itself together, with new products to be released daily.

You can follow the freeformfrog on twitter:
You can check out the site (which is just a splash page right now) at:
You can also check out the store blog at:

The blog will have the latest press releases, new product lines, and site development news. Twitter will carry product specials and new product announcements. And funds from the store go to maintaining all of The-Spot.Network.
"Because I choose to."

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