Log in issues

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Log in issues

Postby Punix-GT » 09 Aug 2008, 15:59

Apparently there is an issue with the coding in the MySpot page. Apparently the Log in isn't working. There isn't even a loading bar. I click on "Log In" and nothing happens. I have to click on the "Log In" page at the top to log in at all, especially if I'm on another computer (which is actually rather frequent)

Is anyone else having this issue or is this a cookie/temp file issue? (If its a cookie/temp file issue, then I won't bother since I'm on someone else's computer or at work)
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Re: Log in issues

Postby Neo » 10 Aug 2008, 10:37

Hmm...I just logged in to it myself to get on the site just now.

I bet that computer you're on doesn't allow JavaScript...which is the only way I am able to put these pages together with the new version of phpbb3...they changed a lot of the code, and how things are parsed, so I have to load them all separately, and then bring them in via hidden iframes and javascript. If you're on a different computer, just type in the-spot.net and click Log In instead of the myspot page.
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