Welcome to tsn.7!

This just in! Special news and announcements from the administrators will be posted here.

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meh...i think the previous one looked better....this one is to...dramatic? i dunno if thats the word i really wanna use...but its the best one i can come up with right now...
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its your turn...dude
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the burst is cool!
Smile for the camera! :D
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Re: Welcome to tsn.7!

Postby Punix-GT » 04 Dec 2009, 22:51

Hey, I like it! ^__^
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Re: Welcome to tsn.7!

Postby Neo » 08 Feb 2015, 01:01

So, I completely forgot (and still can't fully recall) all the nonsense that apparently caused the upgrade from tsnX to tsn.7

Maybe it was that the server added an auto-upgrade feature or something for installed software packages.

It's nice to know (but sucks that it happens every time) that the tsn8 recode isn't the first time I've had to recode the My Spot page after an update.
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