tsnX Finally running!

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tsnX Finally running!

Postby Neo » 11 Jun 2006, 15:57

Ok, so tsnX is finally running, after more than 2 months of delay and coding and frustration and debugging. If you see a mistake in the site, it's not a kink...it's a feature.

Just kidding, but there are several things that need to be worked on, since it's not always easy to force one database into another's structure. As you post more, the Guest things on the forums will go away. I'm not sure yet what causes that, and why they don't correct themselves when I resync the forums, but it's got something to do with the topics table (when you post logged in, it didn't store your name and stuff, it just regathered it as it displayed the forum index. This way is supposed to be more efficient, but everything from the past does not comply to it.)

All your posts, user accounts, and previous preferences are here (except for a few preferences that I made uniform.) I change the Private Message notification to send you an email, and a couple of the new features I set to the most common setting.

So go through, post, edit your profiles to take a look at the new features, and start bringing everyone back. I'll be working on the design in the coming weeks, once I get some of the settings on the site back in order.
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