The Return of the QuickQuips!!!

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The Return of the QuickQuips!!!

Postby Neo » 12 Feb 2006, 10:21

I did it. I brought them back and for the first a php script. They're stored in the database like posts are so they don't slow down the page load. I got rid of the Google Firefox link, and there is a link to where you can get the file still - it just won't slow down the page load of My Spot page.

I still have about 500 or so more quickquips to add to the database, and I want to make a php page to do that as well to make it easier.

So I'll bump the quickquips thread up, and folks can add more too them.

Also remember, that you can get these on t-shirts and hoodies, etc, if you find one you really like. Just use the reference number (quickquip ID). I'll get a product set out for these within the week.
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