Fake email contains virus!!

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Fake email contains virus!!

Postby Neo » 15 Mar 2004, 21:36

WARNING: For those that have an email account with the-spot.net, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Do NOT open any email from the-spot.net that is not sent directly from UPS or Neo. I received an email today from my own server from a noreply@the-spot.net. There is no such person.

The contents of the email contained this message:
Email wrote:Hello user of The-spot.net e-mail server,

We warn you about some attacks on your e-mail account. Your computer may contain viruses, in order to keep your computer and e-mail account safe, please, follow the instructions.

Pay attention on attached file.

For security purposes the attached file is password protected. Password is "68268".

Have a good day,
The The-spot.net team http://www.the-spot.net
And contained an attachment of a zip file.

First of all - we will not send you attachments to your email. Not only is it bad etiquette to send unexpected attachments to you and fill up your inbox, but ALSO we won't send you stuff because you didn't ask for it.

Second - We will address you by username on the site. Emails from us (right now) are easy enough to create, that we can personalize them to your username.

Third - UPS and I ALWAYS use correct grammar in our emails. If you read carefully, the english used in that email was SUB-PAR, and unacceptable for any email from MY site administrators.

Fourth - We don't know of any attacks on your email, and don't send out helpful software to assist in your email protection. That is your business as to what to do with your email account. All of our software for download is at http://www.the-spot.net/software and will not EVER be emailed to you, unless specifically requested - and even then we may not do it.

Fifth - We don't password protect our software. Any passwords sent to you in email form would be if you forgot your password and requested the email to remind you - or if you asked us to reset your password, and we reset it to a simple password for your convenience.

Sixth - The signature. We are not called "The The-spot.net Team". If ANYTHING we're the tsnIII team - but even that is a stretch. When we close an email it will have the person's name that sent it, or if it is from the forums for registration purposes, it will say "tsnIII Mgmt." or something to that effect - but it will be from my email account.

Do not be fooled, and do not be upset if you received this email. We did not send it, and do not open the attachment. In fact, NEVER open ANY attachments you did not SPECIFICALLY request.

"Because I choose to."

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