Annoucement on the Photobook

This just in! Special news and announcements from the administrators will be posted here.
Just to let everyone know, the photobook will be down for the next two weeks. Neo is in the process of working on some scripts for us.

So we ask that you do not upload or add any pictures to the photobook until the scripts are finised. You may not even be able to see it.

Also, the freeform frog is going to be removed from the site for a while...until we can get a bigger fanbase, and a better demand for the clothing and merchandise.

-This annoucement was brought to you by: UraniumPoppySeed, your manical friendly neighborhood administrator
¤uraniumpoppyseed imploded¤
Stay out of trouble, they don't show anime in jail!!! O_O
viva la deptula demise!!!
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