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This just in! Special news and announcements from the administrators will be posted here.
Punix-GT wrote: Funny enough, my lack of desire for Facebook for being over-saturated, ended me up to Reddit these days, and yet somehow I still manage to walk in here from time to time lol
Maybe it's the quarantine that gives me some extra time to dwiddle through the internets.
I too ended up swapping Facebook out for Reddit on my phone. And I actually find Reddit more enjoyable to look at than Facebook, since I have no idea who the people are that post, so it's not people that I thought I knew letting me down so hard as humans.

I don't get to wander in here as much as I probably should, because it only crosses my mind on occasion (like right now, as I try to update all The-Spot.Network blogs and just try to figure out something to do with this thing in general).
frostbitemartini wrote: I was just writing about a painting and I mentioned the spot, so I decided to see what was going on with it. I see Benji has posted something not too long ago.
What did you write about? I am curious how the spot has managed to keep some corner of your mind, and especially how it relates to a painting.

Sorry for any errors you encountered on your once-in-a-while visit. I was in the middle of developing a new plugin for the site back in January during the Christmas break, before work started to get busy...I didn't realize I had broken some things with some changes I was making for a new version of the site.
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Hey Neo. I was writing a blog post about an expressionist self portrait I did in college and I painted a martini glass in it. I was explaining each part of the painting and the martini was of course about frostbitemartini, which I originally created for this forum. The spot will always have a very special place in my heart and I've thought about it and everyone many times over the years. But I haven't actually checked the forum in forever, until now. It's cool that you continue to play around with it. You should definitely do something with it. I'll come check it out every so often.
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I don't think I ever checked back for a reply until now, but that's really cool. I also think about the folks that all at one point had this forum in common, and now have all gone off on their own paths. Makes me wonder a couple things:
  • Would I ever learn to stop replying to everyone's posts with my opinion and just let conversations happen?
  • Would political/social divisions that have happened these days still have taken hold here, where there was moderation, or would we have managed to survived with an open-forum style discussion on different points of view?
  • Is it always the destiny of a social forum (not a niche topical forum) to eventually decline as people pick up other responsibilities in life?
I guess the one benefit we all have is there is a snapshot of our lives (as much as they were documented) still here from our young-adult period, with all the cringe still in tact to help self-reflection projects we may undertake later in life, like that kind of portrait and blog post.
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