Dating out of your league...

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Dating out of your league...

Postby Neo » 20 Apr 2015, 22:59

Have you ever dated someone that you consider above your league, or below it?
How did it work out?

Personally, I've dated a couple that were either above or below, and none of them worked out very well.
I found I was too jealous for dating someone "above my league," and everything that was a normal person being a normal person seemed like someone was trying to steal her away.

On the other hand, I found I was fairly uninterested in the girl I considered "below" my league, probably because the relationship just happened, or she initiated it, but I didn't have the heart to tell her no. I should have, but as a guy who didn't get many actual opportunities (despite my hopes) I would more often than not go with it.

Looking back, there wasn't really any reason to be the way I was - I was just young and stupid. Once I figured that out, I got married, at the top of my league ;)
"Because I choose to."

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