[[Oracle]], evolved

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[[Oracle]], evolved

Postby Neo » 10 Jun 2020, 19:37


This person does not exist. This is an AI-generated face, from https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/. And this is the face I'm using to represent [[Oracle]].

Back in November 2019, I had an idea to turn [[Oracle]] into a JARVIS-like assistant for doing my work-related, repetitive tasks, but I wanted to make it a natural language interface, like...well, JARVIS.

I realize that there is a huge difference in programming an AI bot and conversing with it, switching contexts of work, play, and daily needs... vs scripting Paul Betany to read as a disembodied voice actor. And in doing so I also realized that there are probably hundreds of people working on the Google Assistant as their day-in-day-out jobs.

I did manage to get a near fully functional work interaction programmed, asking her to "deploy <some version> to <some environment> <some type> servers"... some examples:
  • Update Dev Web Servers to
  • Deploy on the dev UI servers
  • ...and variations of that
...where [[Oracle]] can parse out the action (deploy, update) and the environment (dev, QA, production, demo), and the server types (web, app, database, edge) to a specific version ( style) no matter what order you put it in. And that's all well and good... getting her to recognize what I was asking in context turned out to be the easier part... fulfilling the request turned out to be the ethically & technically tricky part, since I was asking her to do a work-related task, on a non-work-hosted server.

So, instead of going further down that path, I turned the natural language part towards Discord for a test run of generating an omnipresent bot in the channel. She'll take @-mentions, and depending on the statement, reply accordingly...and for specific users (like me) she'll recognize additional statements (like the deploy script).

Recently it has gotten me thinking though, if we can do more with the tsnGuild site, and do more with the Discord bot, as daunting of a task as it is, I would like to fully integrate [[Oracle]] with tsn, discord, twitch, slack, twitter, facebook... everything that I can... and then:
  • Allow users to come to tsn and set up their desired notifications & channels from [[Oracle]]
  • Allow users to attach their social media & chat services to their tsn account so [[Oracle]] knows who is who
And then the possibilities are endless...
  • You want to be notified on Twitter when a specific tsn member goes live on Twitch, done.
  • You want [[Oracle]] to notify your social media when you go live on Twitch, done.
  • You want to know when someone posts, replies, messages you on tsn? No problem...where do you want it?
  • You want to send an instant message to someone directly, but don't know what services they actually pay attention to? [[Oracle]] does.
  • ...and literally anything else that the APIs will let you do once you know who is making the request, and who they are on the specific service.
I tried to get started on a Twitch Extension last night, and immediately got overwhelmed with it, because I have no idea what Twitch Extensions do. So I scaled it back to a registering a Twitch App that does a website integration, since I'll probably be writing an API to do these types of things, that is triggered from the natural language processor to send the relevant pieces of information to the right services.

It feels quite complicated, and it feels quite burdensome... so much so I already just want to go play video games instead of thinking about it after just writing this down. But I am curious about anyone else's thoughts... and even any other cool integrations/ideas that might be possible.
"Because I choose to."

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