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Re: Tech toys!

Postby Neo » 08 Jul 2015, 13:01

DMoney wrote:
Punix-GT wrote:I'm hoping I can get my hands on some upgrades at Quakecon though =D
I'm jealous about Quakecon. It's been way too long since I've been to one. I know that it costs money now to BYOC and set it up, but are there things one can do for free? If it runs over the weekend, and depending on when it is, I may be able to go on Saturday and enjoy some of it.
Quakecon this year starts July 22 and runs until the following Sunday. The BYOC is the only thing that costs, and is usually sold out shortly after the registration opens (it's already sold out at this point). You can always go to the event and stop by the hardware booths and see the presentations for free-ish. There is a cost to park (actually a cost to leave the garage after you've parked). But the event itself is free outside of the BYOC.

Personally the BYOC is worthless to me at this point - without internet access, and with file sharing banned, there's really no point to bringing your computer to that location to pay to play on their LAN. I can host a LAN party with internet and offer file sharing for cheaper - or free-er. I haven't been since 2009 though, so this is speculation about the experience.

I am planning on doing a tsnBreakfast get together for the tsn folks that come out to QC like we did last year. It will be on that Saturday and time TBD.
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Re: Tech toys!

Postby Vanyl » 13 Aug 2015, 09:49

Took me a while to get to this...
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII. I'm at the end of my contract so I can upgrade and just not sure what I want yet. I'm thinking LG G4 but still undecided.
    Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 7". It was a gift and I wanted something to go with my phone. Sue me. :P It's great and I love using it for class. I have a Microsoft bluetooth keyboard I use with it.
    Laptop: 17" Vaio something. Free gift from a friend with too many computers. It works well enough even if it's a beast to find a bag for. It can run WoW, Hearthstone, and Second Life, that's all I need.
    Desktop: HP something from 7 years ago almost. I've replaced the video card and power supply so far on it. It works well and was bought using inheritance so I don't want to part with it.
    Consoles: I'm old tech on this but PS3 and Dreamcast. I pretend I don't have an N64 but I do...
The above is what I personally own, solo. The other tech that I either own part of or none of but that exists in my home include a 55" Sony Bravia smart 3D TV, a X1 and XBox 360 along with brand new blu-ray home theatre system, new iPad, new iPhone 6, a computer I rarely use, a second 33 or so inch HD TV, and a shoddy GPS watch (a rant for another day). I think that's about it. I'm less about the shiny and more about if it works, I'll keep it for nostalgia. Oh! I found my tomogatchi while cleaning too! That's technically a tech piece right?? :D
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