Server Messages

[Server updates and messages visible to the loged in owner of the page.]

Welcome Neo

[This will have user pic, contact info, personal info, and misc stats.]

Neo's Buddies

[This will be a default-visible buddy list, with mini-avatar/pic icons next to each buddy, reminiscent of the tsn buddy list. There will also be the same type-visibility for online presence to this buddy as on tsn.]

Buddy Updates

[This will be a list of recently updated blots by Neo's buddies with mini-avatar icons, and blot title and summary segment of update. Possibly just tagline of site that links or opens a summary segment of update in main page area.]

Announcement from Neo

[Announcements that you want to give your guests when they visit your page will go here.]

Welcome to

[Main page area. I will have to make a different Liteblue-to-white graphic to head this area. Most action will happen in this one pane. Others will be created dynamically below.]

My Pics

You have not uploaded any pictures. Go to your Photo Album to upload pictures.

Friends' Pics

Your friends have not uploaded any pictures. Tell your friends to go to their Photo Album to upload pictures. (This will be hidden by default, click on "Friends Pics" to show, or a graphic to expand.)